As one of the premier socially responsible investment firms in the Nation we work to connect your values and investments. 

    • We screen out companies that are harmful to the planet. 
    • We look for opportunities to create positive impacts through our investments (Impact Investing). 
    • We engage in shareholder activism where we push companies to have stronger internal policies. 


    As a fee-only planning firm, we do not sell anything on commission. We believe that this leads to more constructive conversations about your values and allows our clients to ask more questions since they aren't worried about being sold items just to generate a profit. Transparency is one of our most important values, and you’ll see this reflected throughout our work.



    In 2003, Greg obtained the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), designation. Evan obtained this designation in 2016. A fiduciary must be able to demonstrate that portfolio assets are being prudently managed and that sound investment practices are being followed to a legal standard. This includes a comprehensive overview of fiduciary standards of care, asset allocation, preparation of investment policy statements, manager search and due diligence, performance measurement, and other related subjects. Being an AIF makes Greg and Evan part of a small minority of advisors.

    Benefit Corporation

    In 2013 Money With A Mission became the first Benefit Corporation in South Carolina after legislation was passed allowing them in the state. Our partners at Natural Investments are a certified founding B Corporation and have often been ranked as "Best for the planet" during the certification process. We believe that being a Benefit Corporation allows us to walk the walk when it comes to integrating our values and business practices. Whether it involves decisions around purchases in the office, charitable contributions from the company, or being involved in the non-profit community we believe that being a Benefit Corporation is an important part of our identity.

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  • Resources:

    • As You Sow
      • Learn about shareholder engagement and ways you can be involved with their campaigns.
    • US SIF
      • A list of all socially responsible funds as well as financial information on the funds.
    • Fossil Free Funds
      • Look up any mutual fund to see if it is invested in the fossil fuel industry.
    •  Natural Investments Heart Rating
      • Natural Investments has put out the heart rating since 1992 ranking funds on a variety of social issues  - check it out!
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