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  • Money With A Mission

    Our company was started over 25 years ago with the basic goal to help people connect their financial life with their values. For some people that means investing in companies with good environmental track records; for others, it's a focus on companies who promote inclusive and diverse workplaces. We like to ask, if you are intentional about who you vote for, what kind of food you eat, and what kind of impact you have on the planet, wouldn’t you like to bring that same intentionality to your financial life?


    We are a fee-only firm which means we don’t sell anything on a commission basis. That is important to us because we want you to know that our advice is based on what is best for you - not what will put a bigger commission check in our pocket.


    With three advisors, an operations manager, and an administrator, we've got a team that is ready to help you connect your values with your financial life.

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